Hari’s tandoori chicken and Keresa’s cumin, chilli and corn crepes. Great flavours but I think it needed Camilla’s pickled onions or a lemon raita to break the richness.

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Hari Ghotra
10 days

Best way to have tandoori is by braai(img) yum 😋

Mark Choice
10 days

This was my first at tandoori. So often in our Indian restaurants in South Africa, they put a colourant on their tandoori to make it an orangey colour. This recipe from Hari, seems to be more natural and the flavours are wonderful. We braai in South Africa, or the English and Americans would call it Barbecue. This gave the tandoori a lovely smokey barbecue, chargrilled taste, similar to an Indian tandoor oven.

10 days

It's really great to have something pickled.
There's of course chutneys but they are often hot 🔥
This looks soooo yummy 😋

10 days