I just needed to eat something with Indian spices..I had a pack of tofu, so I just put them in a pan. Next time I shall check on a recipe !

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Ildikó Szücs
about 1 month

@Hari Ghotra hi, Hari! this tofu was nothing special, meaning, I put in my favourite Indian spices, and there it is !!!!!! And I am so happy, you were satisfied with the ' gulyás', the Hungarian kitchen is based on paprika. Dont mention to anybody: if there is an option between ' gulyás' and ' butter chicken, ex.' I will choose the latter 😃😃😃

Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

That looks lovely @Ildikó Szücs how was it? I cooked the goulash and it was soooo flavoursome thank you so much 🙏🏽 for the recipe - I will make it again!