Thank you Hari. Once again, cooking together with you has been an extremely enjoyable experience.One of the things I really like about the dish we’ve just cooked is the inclusion of whole spices. I love the sensation of biting into a clove or cardamom, for example, and getting that individual taste in your mouth as well as the aroma drifting through your nose. For the first time, my daughter accompanied me with the cooking on Friday Night Curry. It was a great time spent together. As I like a bit more of a kick to my food than she does, I omitted adding the chillies during cooking - I added dried chilli flakes to my own dish when serving. Regarding the wine: I bought red wine as I thought this was the only option for Cotes du Rhone. I thought only red wine was produced in that region. I enjoyed the wine very much, a bit too much in fact as 13.5%, is a bit stronger than I’m used to. It was certainly a nice accompaniment to the dish but I would also like to try white next time.

Posted by Ju Lian at 2021-05-07 20:15:38 UTC