Last week’s addition of fenugreek has a side effect: the very strong and lingering acrid curry smell in the house. It’s a bit like eating kippers: lovely but then you get it again later in the day.

Three days on and with all the windows open we are still getting it.

Any tips for reducing that after effect?

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about 1 month

Yes @Debbie Gorman and @MalthouseMark
There are Candels Smoke- eaters. I think this will be a good option. I love the smell of Fenouil greek but my Neighbors do not apprecait that much.

about 1 month

@Hari Ghotra so hot now in Florida I can’t open the door (unless I set off the smoke alarm). Air conditioning intake is exposed to our kitchen so the aromas are throughout the house. I love the fragrance but my wife has not acquired that appreciation..

Debbie Gorman
about 1 month

I once read that lighting white candles gets rid of kitchen pongs ! Not sure but it will be romantic .

about 1 month

@Hari Ghotra thanks. We do tend to cook with the windows a little open or they steam up (old house and single glazed). Hadn’t thought to close the kitchen door though.

Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

Hi Mark yes this certainly is the case with fenugreek - just good ventilation during cooking in the kitchen and close the internal doors in the house.