Today it’s an Essex Thali for my son’s girlfriend Nicola’s birthday. Aloo paneer, black pepper chicken, keema with chick peas, cod pakoras, lemon rice, mango kachumbar, mint raita and mozzarella bread.

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Gordon Moore
30 days

Gosh- you've been busy. Mark

Hari Ghotra
about 1 month

Ooohhhh now that is a feast!!

about 1 month

That looks wonderful. One dish tires me out; I can not imagine making a big meal like that. Good job!

Mark Choice
about 1 month

Well done Mark, food fit for a King or should I say a Princess.

about 1 month

Absolute feast! I bet she loved every bit. 😋

about 1 month

Wonderful spread. She should be very pleased with your hard work.