Well with Hari off enjoying herself… what to do? I fancied having another crack at paneer as it is something we have had before and thought, “meh!” Over on Instagram Hari suggested a few options but they didn’t grab me. We had tried the cheesy peas and not enjoyed it. Instead I decided to go off-piste. I enjoyed the black pepper chicken. Let’s try that. Fry the paneer to get some colour, fry some button mushrooms for extra texture and drain them and add that juice to the masala. I baked some naan earlier in the day. Results? We honestly didn’t notice it was veggie! Very tasty. Heat level on the high side for Sheila, it was fine for me with just one slit chilli in but I did get hiccups when I scoffed the chilli. 🤪 Would I cook it again? Yup!

Posted by MalthouseMark at 2021-06-04 18:57:20 UTC