@Gordon Moore. Here's my Saturday Tandoori Chichen on my charcoal. As promised 🤩👍
Complemented by Bombay Aloo wedges in oven.

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Mark Choice
10 days

Ok, Camilla we coming over from South Africa. Well bring the wine and biltong.

10 days

Camilla, that chicken looks really delicious. Mouthwatering.

Hari Ghotra
10 days

Mouth watering - looks incredible!

Debbie Gorman
10 days

That Char on the chicken looks fantastic and the roasted bombay aloo , genius.

Gordon Moore
10 days

Oh WOW Camilla 😁👍
Fantastic 💪 and what a result 😍. Tandoori chicken is the perfect choice for that char-grill flavour. Happy cooking 😊