Hi everyone ☺️ I'm sure anyone who is a member of this fantastic group or follows Hari on YouTube will have learnt how to make some amazingly delicious dishes, I most certainly have. Kukul Maas, the Sri Lankan dish, is one of my favourites which I am just making now 😋. Apart from being a brilliant teacher of recipes, Hari has also taught me some very useful techniques and tips. One I like the most is not to go adding loads of water in the final stages of cooking but to cover the pot and let the food cook in its own juices. I had always been afraid that the food would dry up and stick to the bottom of the pan. Thank you, Hari, for teaching me so much about cooking Indian food. I would like to make a small donation to you but I'm not sure how to do that, please could someone let me know? Happy cooking - and eating - everyone.

Posted by Ju Lian at 2021-07-23 20:00:07 UTC