Inspired by Sally’s delicious looking Goan Fish Curry, as posted on the app, I decided to have a go myself. I got all the correct ingredients together and followed the recipe exactly. However, I’m not sure what went wrong but when the cooking was nearly complete (just before adding the fish) I had a taste and it was fine but I didn’t like the texture. There were lots of bits of coconut and crushed coriander seeds which made it very coarse. I had made sure I cooked the spice paste enough before adding the pureed tomatoes so I wondered if the coconut I used was too old and hard. Anyway, I decided to push the sauce through a sieve to get rid of the bits. I fried some tomato puree for a few minutes, added the strained liquid and poured in a small can of concentrated coconut cream. I put in some chopped coriander leaves and added the fish, cooking it for another five minutes. I was so pleased with the result even though I had strayed off the recipe - obviously the combination of flavours in Hari’s spice paste had been retained. My finished dish was more like a soup with the liquid being quite thin and it had a very tangy flavour from the lemon juice (I actually used limes as we didn’t have any lemons). I love the dish I cooked but I don’t think I would be able to repeat the exact muddled procedure again.

Posted by Ju Lian at 2021-07-27 12:12:17 UTC