I have made a few things from the Slow Cooker book so far and everything has been delicious. Here are three veggie dishes; the Aloo Gobi (cauli and potato) on top, the red lentil dhal and the potato and eggplant on the right.
My absolute favourite so far is the Punjabi Chicken Curry, although I didn’t get a photo of that one I’m afraid. Anyone have any favourite to share? What should I try next?

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about 3 years

The pork vindaloo Bev is a winner. I don't like it so hot so 4/5 chillies is enough for us, but the flavour is spot on

Mark Harvey
about 3 years

love that red lentil dhal recipe. one of my favourites 💥🌶️

Hari Ghotra
about 3 years

Wow! I love this - great to see the book is getting so much love @Bev Ollevimée