Finally got around to making a curry last night after weeks of floating around in the Doldrums🛶! Been craving Chettinad chicken which is one of my top all time curries. I add dagarful or Kalpasi to it which gives it a distinctive but subtle flavour and fills my house with it’s aroma for days after , love it. In fact I swear it is a drug really . And a big handful of curry leaves which I also love! Served it with Hari’s Indian summer greens except it was spinach and I had no peas and I had used the last of my grated coconut a few weeks back. So was it Hari’s indian summer greens 🧐🐈📦?? Basmati rice and a raita. Enough for tonight as well , win win 😁

Posted by Debbie Gorman at 2021-10-20 13:30:16 UTC