Guess what?? #fridaynightcurryclub is back for a special show on Friday 28th January LIVE on my YouTube channel @6.30 BST in support of WaterAid! Head over to my fundraising page to select the dish you want me to cook with you live by donating to the Thirst for Knowledge appeal. Choose from these 3 Nepalese curry dishes - Gurkha chicken curry, Aloo Tama Bodi or Dal Bhat. I’ll share the recipe and ingredients for the dish with the highest number of votes next Wednesday so you can shop for the ingredients you need to join me for the cook along! Here’s a bit more about why I’m doing this. This winter WaterAid are raising money for a cause that’s very close to my heart. Did you know that in Nepal only a third of girls ever go to secondary school? This is because so many families there don’t have clean water close to home, and it often falls on girls to collect it for their families, sometimes having to travel several miles a day. Just for this basic necessity! WaterAid are trying to change that. Any money you donate to my fundraiser will go directly to clean water projects in Nepal, helping some of the least privileged girls in the world stay in school and get the education they deserve. If like me you think this is so incredibly important, get donating, and join us on the 28th for some more fun ways to support WaterAid!

Posted by Hari Ghotra at 2022-01-20 20:19:58 UTC