Came across the app today and already tried it out. Fantastic. What would be really great is to flag some recipes as favourites and also to add some notes.

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about 3 years

Whilst on the subject Hari a ‘save’ or favourites option would be great.
Also, a print option as, personally, I prefer to follow written directions as opposed to using a screen.

about 3 years

Thanks both for the quick responses.

Hari Ghotra
about 3 years

@Mclarenpaul @Sue Geen thanks so much - great suggestions. These are what n the list!! Thanks for using it. Keep the feedback coming!

Sue Geen
about 3 years

@Mclarenpaul good ideas. @Hari Ghotra says she's always looking for ways to further improve it, although as you say it's already fantastic!