A feast of Chicken Korma, Tangy Tamarind Prawns, Thari Walee Chicken, Chicken Balti, Mixed Veg Sabjee, Samosas and Naan bread. It took me around 6 hours to cook, any tips for reducing this time will be most appreciated. My Naan breads were more Pitta like with a large bubble instead of many bubbles, any idea why? Can I add the Garam Masala to the Samosas during the initial frying stage as it is sometimes a bit gritty. The meal was very well received, you may find that the community in Bath is growing.😊
Many thanks Hari, your recipes are easy to follow with outstanding results.

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about 3 years

Thanks Hari. Bath is quite a nice place to live, although difficult to find ingredients. I have a friend bringing mustard oil from Birmingham!!

Hari Ghotra
about 3 years

That looks really impressive what a selection of dishes @julian_moore99 super impressed! Well the fact you made samosas, naan plus 5 dishes from scratch - 6 hours is not bad! You could have made the masala for the prawns, thari walee chicken and mixed veg at the same time and split it then just tweaked each one. The naan can be like that with this method. You could try making the dough with egg that would help.
So happy it went down well. I was in Bath on Monday - my home from home and favourite city in the world! I went to uni there and want to move back! Please keep the community growing for me!