@Hari Ghotra I had issues with the connection dropping out yesterday but made it better by watching on my phone rather than my tablet. What I did miss was when you talked about CURRY LEAVES did you say something about them having a pathogen on them? Apart from fresh what is the best way to preserve them? Drying, freezing or some other method? Thanks again for a great recipe! I think I really like Keralan Cuisine!

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Steve Wilcox
about 3 years


Hari Ghotra
about 3 years

Hey @Steviewilcox sorry missed your post even though you did @ me! Yes just be careful with curry leaves so clean them and ideally cook them rather then raw in chutneys. There was a e.coli issue with them last year and they were banned in uk. All ok again now but I would suggest buy fresh clean and freeze them. Hope that helps.