Hi! Hari, can I use semi-skimmed milk to make paneer? The full fat milk I had in the freezer has gone off during the defrost period today so am wondering if semi-skimmed will suffice? Thank you, in advance. Steve

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Hari Ghotra
about 3 years

Yes @stevei0220 full fat is best for paneer - sorry!

Jo Dunn
about 3 years

Yes, Hari told me it was full fat @stevei0220 .

about 3 years

Thank you , Sue. I was hoping to have made the paneer tonight ready for tomorrow evening but no worries, to the shops it is in the mornings. 😬

Sue Geen
about 3 years

I think Hari said it had to be full fat on the message re making it for last week. 😞