Hi @Hari Ghotra,
On one cook-in you mixed yoghurt with water (I think it was) to stop it splitting.
Could you.please repeat the tip?

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Jo Dunn
almost 3 years

Great tip. I must have missed that one, so it's good to see it heređź‘ŤHow's the cooking going @Max ?

almost 3 years

Yes, I remember now @ Hari Ghotra it was the Methi recipe.
Many thanks

Hari Ghotra
almost 3 years

Hi there are a few things you can do @Max mix 1 tsp into the yoghurt to stabilise it. I add water to help loosen the sauce and stop the spices burning in the Methi murgh recipe but be careful. Stick to a full fat yog hope that helps.