#fridaycurrynight Chicken Chettinad with spring green curry and basmati rice.

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Sue Geen
almost 3 years

mustard seeds sizzled in oil, then sliced white onion fried till soft. chopped garlic, green chilli and tbsp grated ginger added and fried for a few minutes. I then added a packet of stir fry spring greens, mushrooms and bean sprouts (from Co-op) and stir fried for about 5 minutes. I use this method for cooking a lot of greens including beans, kale etc. the mustard seeds were suggested by @Hari Ghotra and as would be expected work really well with it. @Mark Harvey . the greens cooked this way are good with roasts etc too.

Mark Harvey
almost 3 years

what's the spring green curry @Sue Geen

almost 3 years

Looks lovely @Sue Geen I love the chettinad chicken so many lovely spices. Enjoy.

Hari Ghotra
almost 3 years

Looks super impressive @Sue Geen love that you are keep the spirit of #fridaycurryclub alive! Delicious 😋