Bottom left photo shows what happened in the fridge overnight. Some “cosmetic surgery” was necessary.
Hari, I’m thinking of making Pakoras with the leftovers...your thoughts??

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Jo Dunn
almost 3 years

Wonderful cauli recipe! Great cooking @Mary Luckman!💕

Mary Luckman
almost 3 years

Yes Hari it was delicious, not dry at all.
I’m keen to make Pakoras with the leftovers. I forgot to take a photo of the great zucchini slices which I made with your Pakora batter. They were a hit with my guests as well.
Thank you Hari

Hari Ghotra
almost 3 years

Hi @Mary Luckman still came out ok! Lots of moisture would have been drawn out of the cauliflower as it was left over night with the sauce over it. Was it a bit dry or ok?
Pakora would be a good idea - should work just make sure the gram flour batter isn’t too watery. Looking forward to pics!