Hi @Hari Ghotra just to let you know we have a newby to the club, her name is Dawn Ward😉😉

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Hari Ghotra
almost 3 years

Hi @Dawn Ward great to have you on board. Just shout if you need any help - everyone is great and they all love to share ideas and pictures so I hope you have fun using the app x

almost 3 years

Hi @Dawn Ward welcome, hope you enjoy using this app, it’s great for curry lovers and looking forward to seeing your curries.

Jo Dunn
almost 3 years

Ooh hello @Dawn Ward and welcome to the Hari Ghotra Curry Club! Lovely recipes and lots of posts to help us all create fab dishes 💕

Sue Geen
almost 3 years

welcome @Dawn Ward . you'll have loads of fun. the community is great. look forward to seeing your pics!