Sunday Chicken Byriani with half eggs, mint-coriander raita, cucumber salad and pickles. Big Portion! I cook once and we eat 3 times!

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Mark Harvey
over 2 years

looks the business @boo

yes there's an Indian restaurant in Freiburg but we're trying the local cuisine.

....which is basically beef and pork with potatoes !!!

...with liver on Tuesdays.

Sue Geen
over 2 years

looks lovely @boo

over 2 years

It was lovely! I really enjoyed it @boo

Hari Ghotra
over 2 years

What a great looking dish @boo a biryani goes such a long way and this looks amazing 😉

over 2 years

Looks so pretty to eat, must of been very tasty @boo

over 2 years

Thanks @Mary Luckman. Biryani is one of our favorite dishes. We love it! Only on occasions because it‘s much work. Cheers, boo

Mary Luckman
over 2 years

I love Biryani. It looks delicious