I'm getting ready for tonight - ingredients bought, recipe ready and pans are on the the stove. Just so you know I am going to do a quick cumin rice with mine I usually add frozen peas but I forgot to buy them and I have run out - ooops. Anyway let me know if you are joining me at 6.30pm?
I am really hoping we won't have any tech issues but it is really hot and I fear I may lose you at some point. If that happens rest assured I will get back online asap so don't panic.

Please do have your questions ready for @Jess - Curry for change too and lets make her feel really welcome.

See you soon!

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over 2 years

sorry we can’t join you but the boss and I have just landed in Portugal and are tucking into fresh squid :-)

over 2 years

I‘ll be joining in! We still have 31 degrees centigrade, will be quite hot in the kitchen. But really looking forward to it! Cheers!

Indian Dave
over 2 years

I’ll be cooking up a storm with you. Beer is in the fridge…

over 2 years

Will be joining in.

Sue Geen
over 2 years

see you soon @Hari Ghotra